About us

About Royal Treatment
Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you or a loved one with the compassionate and efficient health care you need. You can rely on us during times of illness or convalescence, loss of autonomy, physical or emotional debilitation, or other life challenges. We are there to listen, and we are there to help.

Philosophy and Goals

Royal Treatment offers a complete range of home and institutional health care services. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing compassionate and efficient care in whatever setting they are needed. Our goal is to ensure our clients well-being and to enhance their quality of life.

Health Care Workers & Associates

Our extensive staff includes registered nurses, registered nursing assistants, nurses aides/ PABs, sitters and companions, home support providers, animators, social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and family-life educators.
Each member of our staff possesses the requisite accreditation and appropriate training to ensure optimal performance. As well, we at Royal Treatment provide our own orientation that focuses on health care techniques and delivery. As well, we encourage and support ongoing continuing education and professional development.

Quality Control

Our personnel selection and hiring policies are rigorous and strict. We strive to recruit individuals who are experienced and highly competent. To select qualified candidates we review CVs, verify references, criminal background checks, and conduct extensive interviews.
There is ongoing follow up with both clients and employees regarding their progress; evaluations are conducted regularly. In addition, our employees are closely monitored both on and off site in order to insure their jobs are being done professionally and properly.

Serving you with Compassion

To best meet the needs of the community, we offer a wide range of health care services:

• Nursing care
• Post-operative care
• Personal hygiene and grooming
• Companions at home
• Companions for outings (errands, appointments, etc.)
• Care for newborns and/or children with special needs
• Domestic help (housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, etc.)

We also specialize in:

• Palliative care
• Alzheimer care
• Cancer care
Communicating with you…

Communication is key to good health care. Our multicultural, multilingual staff is there to meet your needs with sensitivity and respect. We will also maintain strong communication skills with your health professionals to ensure optimal care.


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